Barney Swan

Barney Swan was born in the United Kingdom and raised off-grid in Far North Australia, where the lack of modern conveniences helped him develop an acute understanding of the value of energy. With degrees in Business and Multimedia, Barney is the International Director for ClimateForce. Building off his unique SPEC expedition experience, he leads corporate and education workshops around the world.  


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Barney’s last expedition was a successful 60 day ski to the South Pole powered only by renewable technologies. The journey represented the beginning of a 7 year campaign called The ClimateForce Challenge. The goal of this venture is to clean up 360 million tonnes of C02 by 2025. Barney is passionate about working with sponsorsand  partners to guide people towards effective and relevant solutions addressing energy use & C02 emissions. He is committed to creating a tangible legacy through action, not words.



Both Robert and Barney will be available for speaking and lecture events once back from the South Pole. If you would like to know more, contact us below.


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