To realize the ambitions of the 2016 United Nation’s Paris Agreement to hold global temperatures below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, we all need to be apart of rallying behind active solutions and lifestyle changes which create change today!

Our Solutions Set gives you ideas about conserving energy to help us reach our 7-year goal

The Mission

 Driving effective solutions within lifestyle, business, and education to encourage autonomy in our carbon neutral future.






Tons of CO2


It is a reality that we create an environmental impact when we do business, power our house, eat, drive, fly, and indeed browse right now. However, many of us do not how to balance out, or reduce the degree of impact that these collection actions cause.


Leading towards 2025, the ClimateForce Challenge offers a platform for companies, schools, foundations, and everyday people to measurably clean up their C02 impact through big and small solutions.

Integrate  Restore  Connect

A) Integrate – Small Solutions


– Ringing utility for green energy, putting solar on roof

– Reduce, reuse, recycle- power of consumer

– Heating and insulation

– Carbon Counting- Net positive goal for personal lifestyle

– Meatless Mondays, diet focus, source local, health and fitness


B) Restore – Big Solutions


– ClimeWorks

– Reforestation, conservation

– Kelp/Algae farms

– Sustainable data centers

– Ocean Clean up- Plastics and dead spots




The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

C) Connect – Travel Experience


– Arctic 2019

– Iceland- ClimeWorks and Data Center

– Ocean project- Australia, Pacific

– Kilimanjaro- tree planting

– The Last 300

Toyota Mirai

mirai 未来 Japanese for “future”


Toyota designed every aspect of the Toyota Mirai to be as innovative, efficient and reliable as their fuel cell technology.

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