Trans America Cycle

May 1st – October 1st, 2019


As part of the ClimateForce Challenge, Robert and Barney will embark on a 3100+ mile cross-country bicycle expedition from May to October of next year. This journey will promote the exciting possibilities of renewable energy and sustainable development throughout America. Further, the Swans will offer context to the South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC) by hearing how everyday people in the American heartland are contributing to a better world through the use of renewable energy, permaculture, carbon capture, and synthetic meat.


Throughout these expeditions, we will be working with industry leaders, educators, sponsors, and more to give people the tools to create positive impact.

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ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018

Upon the completion of a successful SPEC, join us on the ClimateForce 2018 Expedition to the Antarctica Peninsula.

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